[fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type="1_1" last="yes" spacing="yes" center_content="no" hide_on_mobile="no" background_color="" background_image="" background_repeat="no-repeat" background_position="left top" border_position="all" border_size="0px" border_color="" border_style="" padding="" margin_top="" margin_bottom="" animation_type="" animation_direction="" animation_speed="0.1" class="" id=""]Agile & Scrum Foundation (ASF)

ASL, BISL, ITIL, samenhang van IT beheer

ASL2, Application Service Library Foundation


BIMF, Business Information Management Foundation volgens BISL


BIMP, Business Information Management Professional

BPMN basiskennis

BPMN2 Business Process Modelling & Notation 2

Business Strategy Techniques

Business Analysis Fundamentals (CBAP foundation)

CFPA, Certified Functiepunt Analist

CISM®, Certified Information Security Manager

CISA®, Certified Information Systems Auditor

CISSP®, Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Requirement Engineering Foundation, CPRE Fundamentals

Change Management Foundation

Change Management Practitioner

CLOUDA, Cloud Computing Advanced

CLOUDF, Cloud Computing Foundation

COBIT® 5 Assessor

COBIT® 5 Implementer

COBIT®5 foundation

DBSQLF, Databases en SQL Foundation

Database ontwerp en SQL Advanced

Exin Track Functioneelbeheerder

Exin Track IT Projectmanager

Exin Track Service Desk medewerker

Exin Track Technisch beheerder

Exin Track Tester

Functioneel Beheerder

Exin Track Functioneelbeheerder

FUON, functioneel ontwerpen

GPRO, Gestructureerd programmeren

Inleiding programmeren (IPRO)

IAPO Informatieanalyse & business procesontwerp

Informatieanalyse & functioneelontwerp IAFO

Informatiebeleid en strategie van beheer (HXA)

IMBO Informatiemanagement & bedrijfsorganisatie

ISO 27002, Information Security Expert based on ISMES

ISFS, ISO 27002, Information Security Foundation

ISDDF, Information Systems Design & Development Foundation

ISyF, Information Systems Foundation

IMF, Infrastructure Management Foundation

IPMA A rapport begeleiding

IPMA B rapport begeleiding

IPMA C assesment begeleiding

IPMA-C, Certified projectmanagement professional

IPMA-D, Certified Project professional

IPMA D+C fasttrack

IREB foundation

ISTQB® Foundation

IMPF, IT Management Principles Foundation

ITMF, IT Management Foundation

IPMP, IT Project Management Professional

ITIL® CSI, Intermediate Continual Service Improvement

ITIL® SD Intermediate Service Design

ITIL® SO, Intermediate Service Operation

ITIL® SS, Intermediate Service Strategie

ITIL® ST, Intermediate Service Transition

ITIL® MLC, Managing Across the Life Cycle (malc)

ITIL® OSA, Capability Operational Support and Analysis

ITIL® PPO, Capability Planning, Protection & Optimization

ITIL® RCV, Capability Release, Control & Validation

ITIL® SOA, Capability Service Offering & Agreement

ITILF, Service Management Foundation

IS20F, Service Quality Management Foundation

KWAS, ISO 9126 Kwaliteit van Software

Kwaliteitmeten met INK (INK)

Lean IT Foundation (LEANF)

Leergang Functioneelbeheer

Leergang HBO ICT-studie

Leergang IEXA

Leergang : Infrastructure beheer

Leergang : short track Project Management (ST-PM)

Leergang: Master of Science ICT in Business

Leergang : Object georienteerd ontwerpen en analyse

Leergang : Systeemontwerp en analyse

Leergang : Short Track Testmanagement Professional (ST-TMP)

Masterclass IT Architectures

MoP®, Management of Portfolio® Foundation

MoR®, Management of Risk® Foundation

Management of Value Foundation (MoV)

Masterclass Behavioural Decision Making, Organising & Managing People

Masterclass Business Intelligence & Businss Analytics

Masterclass Business Process Management & Change Management

Masterclass Consultancy Skills, International Negotiation & Contracting

Masterclass Corporate Finance & Financial Accounting

Masterclass Data Mining & Exploring Big Data

Masterclass Enterprise Governance & Enterprise Engineering

Masterclass Strategy; Process, Content & Context

Masterclass Systems Development, Project Management & AGIL with Scrum

OOF, Object Orientation Foundation

OOAA, Object Oriented Analysis Advanced

OPRO, Object georiënteerd programmeren

ORDB, Ontwerpen van relationele databases

PRINCE2® bootcamp/ Fast track

PRINCE2® Foundation examentraining

PRINCE2® Foundation

PRINCE2® Practitioner

PRINCE2 Practitioner examentraining

PRINCE2 Practitioner examentraining on line

PRINCE2 workbench/toolset Workshop

PCA, Professional Communication Advanced

PCF, Professional Communication Foundation

Scrum Master Certificering

PMF, Project Management Foundation

Requirement Engineering

SOIB Samenhang & organisatie ICT beheer

Service Management ISO 20000 Foundation (IS20F)

SEQA software engineering & quality assurance

SQL Foundation

SQM Management & Improvement

SQM Professional Control of IT Service

SQM Professional Support of IT Service

SBSC Strategieimplementatie door Balance Score Card

SASD Gestructureerde analyse en gestructureerd ontwerp

SysML Advanced, OO systems modelling met SysML

SysML basiskennis , SysML Foundation

SIAA, Systems Information Analysis Advanced

TESTF, Testen Foundation

TESTP, Test Professional

TMPTE, TMap®, Test Essentials

TMPTM, TMap® TestManager

LBICT, Literatuurstudie Business & ICT

UML advanced, OO Development With UML

UML Basiskennis, UML Foundation

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